IXD301 Wk5:- Updating Site Design

During the lecture that took place this week there was a chance for me to get feedback on the what I had created so far in relation to my site

One of the main pieces of feedback that was given was to try and add some sort of design or colour to my website as in order to make my landing page and site appear more appealing and eye catching to viewers.

Originally I was unsure of what to add to my home page. I considered just adding another more colourful primary colour.

I then thought about adding a pop of colour such as a yellow or orange circle somewhere on my landing page.

It was hard trying to choose what would work best for my site so I decided to have a look at what other brands, companies and designers had done













I really liked the use of colour in the other these sites as I felt that they added something different and appeared really eye catching

After seeing some great ideas I decided to go into procreate and play around a bit more with possible ideas and colours

I selected the airbrushing pen and a colour the original blue green that I used for my high resolution mock-up and started spraying thin layers of the colour. I then choose some more colours that would complement it (including a variant of the orange that I had originally used for my high resolution mock-up) and began layering the airbrushing pen and adding colour anywhere without.

This seemed to give a almost watercolour sort of effect that I really liked. I decided to place this behind my  name on my landing page and was happy with how it looked.


Later on I decided to try and see if I could etch designs into the new background image that I had created. I started by adding a mountain and a kite but after having a look at it and seeing what the new image looked like.

I decided that my previous design was what worked best.


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