IXD103 Wk10:- Building a Relationship with Customers

A task was given to find three business in which I respect and to see how they create value for their customers


Tesco create value for their customers by creating a bond with them, They offer loyalty card which allows you to get some money off of your shopping if you shop with them. They also create a emotional rapport with their customers through their ads.

Ad One

The first add may help create a emotional rapport with customers as it gives the feeling that we are all in this together and that Tesco understands what we are going through. It is something that we can all relate to

Ad Two

This add is a little on the more sentimental side, it appeals to their customers as when they view the sentimental moments going on in the ad, they may start to associate that feeling with Tesco. They may also feel loyalty to Tesco as they may feel that Tesco cares about them too and is not just after their money


A way Google maintains a rapport with their customers is through their ever changing logo designs when there’s a special occasion. commemorating¬† the occasion with a Google illustration lets Googles customers know that they care about things that the average person cares about and it allows them to connect with their customers through that.


Clarks create an emotional rapport with their customers through how they interact with customers when they come in. Each employee helps a customer to find their perfect shoe no matter how long it takes. This helps the customers to feel important and heard, especially since there is a option to write a review about anything from a specific store/employee to your own thoughts and the manager reads them all. This helps the customers feel that Clarks cares about all of their opinions no matter how big or small.


These brands all find a way to relate and create an emotional connection too their customers but they all do it in different ways

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