IXD104 Wk9:- Manufactured Fictions in the Age of Instagram

It is crazy to think about how much things have changed due to advances that are happening every day in fields like medicine, science, technology etc

One of the more modern changes that has happened social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.


Instagram was created on the 6 October 2010, realistically speaking that was not that long ago. Instagram has grown significantly since that time and it is now one of the most used social media platforms in the world.

Instagram is also a perfect example of how you should not trust everything that you see online, on Instagram everyone wants to put the best version of themselves forward. So you don’t see what happens behind closed doors.


Nowadays it really easy to fake anything online for example when a Youtube channel (YesTheory) got a Justin Bieber lookalike and made him eat a burrito from the side, after a bit of editing they released the photo and the world went crazy. Every thought it was Bieber and was criticizing the way he ate the burrito. Even actual news channels wrote and spoke about it. After a few week they revealed the truth with a video explaining it all. I personally think this was an interesting way to show that you should not believe everything that you see online.

Technology has advanced so much that you can even create a deep fake by placing someone else’s face on yours. Or you can get a computer to generate a face of a person that does not even exist.

Link to a website that generates random people that do not exist – Link

Personally I think that technological advancements have been amazing but they have also come at a cost such as you cant always know what to trust as anything can be faked

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