IXD103 Wk 9:- Animating for my Brand

This week I decided that I wanted to create an animation for my brand. I have never previously tried animation except for a quick sketch animation that I did years ago

After seeing the old animation that I had done previously I knew now that I wanted to try proper animation.

I used a new software (After Effects) That I had not used before in order to help me animate.

I decided to watch a video to learn about using After Effect – Tutorial

After watching the video a few times and trying to follow along I then had an idea of the basics and what I should do.

Next was to come up with what my animation would actually be.

After researching different animations from glow to rotate I finally had an idea of what I wanted. I decided to sketch out a story board to follow along



I then went back into after effects and created my animation – Animation Link

A feedback session was held a while later and it was suggested to me within the session that maybe instead of having my animation rotate out instead the flicks should come out in a horizontal line


I then sketched out a new storyboard of what I wanted my animation to do





Final Animation Link


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