IXD Wk9:- Portfolio Wireframe

This week I began working on my portfolio website. I had a lot of ideas about different elements and things that I could include into my website. While creating a wire frame its important to consider where all of the elements such as text and image will be placed

Creating a wireframe for my website is a very important first step as it tells me how everything will be paid out and how it will all be arranged. It helps to give me an idea on how to sort out my work and put all of my thoughts in order

I started off by creating a wire frame sketch of different website ideas that I liked



Afterwards I then went onto Figma and created a digital wireframe with my website idea (while creating my digital wireframe on Figma I didn’t consider coding and instead created a wireframe for a portfolio website that I would like to have if coding wasn’t a problem.

Here is a mock-up that I create of my website with Figma, I ended up not pursuing this mock up instead my website took a different turn.



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