IXD103 Wk 9:- Portfolio Sites

This week was started by doing a S.W.O.T (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) exercise.





When planning a website its important to consider the content planning. When considering content planning there are many parts to think about, such as –

  • Formatting and placement of elements
  • Images to include
  • Contact details
  • Text to include
  • Single page
  • Multi page

Examples of Portfolio Website –

Some advice was given I should try and steer clear from starting my portfolio Home page with “Hey” or “Hello” as it can sometimes appear over done/used.

Wireframing was also discussed and how before starting to code for a website a wireframe should be created so that there will be a plan to follow along.

End of Week Review –

This class helped me to start considering the different what I wanted my website to be like. By seeing the inspiration portfolios, it gave me some ideas of elements that I want to include in my own

This also caused me to watch portfolio review videos on YouTube as I thought that it would be a good way of gathering different options and seeing what other people did well.

Portfolio Review – In this review the review talked about how its important to add personality when you are creating a portfolio for yourself, a good way of doing this would be to add an image of yourself. When creating a website you don’t need to add a lot of colours but if you have a good layout and images your portfolio can still stand out. The reviewer mentioned that going from page to page should be seamless and it should all flow together nicely, the call to action should also be clear for the user. When adding links to a website make sure the links don’t take away from your own website by taking the user away, try and make the user stay on the website as everything that they need should be on it.

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