IXD104:- Infographic Research

The second project for IXD104 was to create a infographic. I decided that Before I created an infographics I needed to research infographics to find out exactly what they are.

Infographic:- “a visual representation of information or data, e.g. as a chart or diagram.”

Key Elements of a Successful Infographic

1. The Story
The purpose behind an infographic is to tell a story. Without a story, an infographic is just a graphic.

What is the story I want to tell?
Is it relevant to my organization?
Why am I telling this story?
Who am I telling this story to?

2. Data
The most important component of an infographic is accurate data. I need to ensure my data is accurate and that means using credible sources.

Wherever the data comes from, it needs to be credited on the infographic. Uncredited information is not only unethical, but is untrustworthy to most readers.

3. Design
The design of an infographic should be based on the story. For example, if the infographic is about nature, then it should include design elements and colours from nature.

Keep the colour scheme minimal. Too many colours can make an infographic confusing

Use appropriate fonts. Before selecting a font, make sure it is legible in both large text and small text – especially when using numbers. Choose a maximum of two fonts. Allow for various size headlines to break up the data. Organize the data visually to guide your audience from beginning to end.

Don’t let the design overpower the story and data. The key to achieving a successful design is balance between data, design elements and colours.

4. Graphs and Charts
Graphs and charts should display the data in a unique and creative way.

The type of graph or chart used depends on the data and the story. For example, when displaying data about people, consider showing human silhouettes in a chart. When appropriate, replace numbers with graphical elements.

Don’t overload your infographic with graphs and charts. To tell the story,  a balance of graphs, charts and design is needed.

After researching and learning about Infographics I felt that I had a better understanding on them and what had to be done.

I then decided to create a Pinterest board with various infographics that I liked in order to draw on inspiration – Link



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