IXD102:- Essay Website

The final project from semester one was to create a essay website for a designer of our choice. The websites did not have to be too complicated in terms of design but they needed to be able to display the essay and work as a website should.

I chose to write my essay about Saul Bass as I felt that he was someone that had really revolutionized title sequences and changed the way it is viewed forever. I started off by  doing a lot of research into Saul Bass and finding out information relating to his life. I then began writing my essay and getting feedback on what I had written so far.

Feedback written on essay –

“Overall – Good Florence – keep going and expand on the ‘work’ sections.
It would also be good to include references from other people – what have other people said about his work. ”

I took this feedback into account and continued writing my essay with it in mind


Wireframes –

Once I had made a good start on the essay portion I began to design my webpage by creating a wireframe with draft designs for my webpage.

I drew out 5 different designs that I had considered, within each of the wire frames I showed where I wanted the body text, images, header, navigation, and more to go. This allows me to test different layouts and to see what would work best for my webpage. I also tested different colours that I thought about using for my main colour theme and I also included the type of font that will be used for the header.





I then decided  to go with the yellow design layout but with the orange colour scheme.







The next part that had to be done was to create the HTML for my web essay. By this point even though my essay was not fully finished being written I still had enough done to help me create the HTML needed. In order to help create my HTML I used the guidelines and structure that I had previously used during the John Baskerville webpage. This helped to make creating the web page more efficient.



















CSS – 


After I had done my HTML I attempted to make a start on my CSS styling in order to change the style/aesthetic of the webpage.

I changed the colour of certain text and the navigation to be orange (#EB6800), as I thought it was a bright colour that caught the viewers attention. It was also a colour that Saul Bass used often so I thought it was fitting for a essay about him.
I also decided to leave a bit of space between the navigation and the top of the screen as I thought it was something small that I could add for effect
For the background I took different images that Saul Bass had made and I then cut out the inside of them leaving just the outline. After that I edited all the images together until I got a pattern I liked. This was the design that I used for the back ground and once I saw the outcome I was happy with it.
Once I had added my chosen images I was almost all done with my CSS, I just went back to make a few tweaks.
Feedback –

In class I showed my webpage in order to get feedback, I was told that i should lessen the intensity of the body text as it was appearing as bold when it was regular.

I was also told to increase the opacity of the background so that the text could be more easily seen.

After I had incorporated the feedback into my webpage, I was finally done.


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