IxD302 – Proposal development

IxD302 – Proposal development

Aim of the project…

This project is all about getting us familiar with the business side of design. Official paperwork may not seem very appealing to us as designers, however it’s a requirement if we want to keep our work and business professional, and in the long run less stressful.

Project Brief…

To use the tasks which have introduced me to some of the basic practices of a professional designer, which will assist me in the writing, designing and producing my own proposal document. The job in question is the design of a website and brand to represent Hill Street in Belfast. This is an entirely new website so there is no existing design in place. However, there will be similar websites for other areas of Belfast, including the Cathedral Quarter and Titanic Quarter.

I am going to consider history and heritage, businesses, tourism, culture and community when determining appropriate features and priorities for the website. This will have to include timeline and pricing for the job.

It should be presented as a designed PDF or webpage project proposal to be submitted during my Christmas deadline, along with an example invoice. 

Research :

As stated above, there is no collective area where you can view all that Hill St, has to offer, (which is a shame, because it’s a really great area). Never the less, I used good old google to firstly get a sense of what would need to be designed. The best references, as recommended were Titanic Quarter and Cathedral Quarter. Both of their webpages as seen below, include similar features that would need to be included on the Hill Street website. The branding is also very suited to each location.

Below you can see the written list I done off the contents of both websites.


Contents inventory


Last year we completed a content inventory when we were creating our own brand, so I thought this would be useful to show for this proposal project. It also gives me a more refined idea of what all I need to include and therefore how much process and work will go into the project, i.e. It will be easier for me to write about the “Project Process”.

Prioritising features of Hill Street, Belfast…

To make it easier for me to prioritise the different aspects of Hill Street, Belfast, I thought it would be useful to research all of the businesses currently on Hill Street.

I have now further organised them into categories of genre…


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