IxD103 – Review of Semester 2

IxD103 – Review of Semester 2

Semester 2 has flew by and it’s finally time to submit all of the work. I have really enjoyed the process of developing a brand for myself and I have learnt so much a long the way.

Project outcomes…




Link to repository containing my webpage


Review –

I am quite happy with how my brand has turned out. I do think I have done a good job at portraying my personality through my monogram, wordmark and visual marque. I think that as my personality and confidence grows, there are so many things I will want to adapt and develop throughout my brand, but I am very proud at how I have done for my first attempt at anything like this. I recognise that my weaknesses definitely lie in the use of the computer, and I know this is something I really need to work on over the summer.

Goals for the summer…

  • Familiarise myself more with photoshop.
  • Understand more technical terms and how to organise my files better, so it’s easier to present my work at the end.
  • Develop more pages on my portfolio website.
  • Apply my domain name and make my website public
  • Apply my brand more, through looking into getting my business card printed.

I plan on keeping really busy over the break, this will be the best way to develop my skills and come back more confident in September.

I have also been able to recognise a lot of strengths I have in this area of design. I have a good eye for colour. I’m a visual learner and sketching has always been my strong point. I am good at coming up with innovative ideas and know to never sell my ideas short. I aimed to created multiple pages for my website as seen through my mockup, however I do not feel confident with coding. I am however still happy with how my webpage has turned out. I really like the look of it and I’m excited to see where I can take it. Practise will make perfect after all!

Overall I have really enjoyed this semester. It was really unique and I’ve found it so interesting to find out how companies work and make connections with their customers through branding. I learnt that there is more to developing a brand than just a logo. Behind every successful, memorable brand there’s a voice, a meaning and purpose.

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