IxD103 – Portfolio Site Research

IxD103 – Portfolio Site Research

When trying to find inspiration for my own portfolio website, I was lucky to stumble across a huge company called Razorfish. Razorfish is one of the world’s largest interactive agencies. Razorfish provides services including web development, media planning and buying, technology and innovation, emerging media, analytics, mobile, advertising, creative, social influence marketing and search.

Initially, I was intrigued as I wanted to see more of their work. Then as I was looking through their portfolio website, I realised I really liked certain elements of their design as well!

I liked how easy it was to use their website! I think this is something I definitely need to develop on my own over the summer months. It is a goal of mine, to gain more confidence in developing webpages and using HTML and CSS.

Razorfish itself as a company have also really inspired me. As I was looking through all of the many unique projects they have been working on, it excited me, as the world of design has endless opportunities. They have many varying projects, including Vornado World’s largest 4K Screen and the redesigning of Cadillac. This project was particularly interesting to observe as it shows how they were able to revitalise an old company and make it fresh and relevant again.

Something I paid particular attention to when looking through their website, was their tone and how they address their customers. The tone is so friendly and with vibrant images to match positively spoken captions, I can’t help but imagine that I would love to work for a company like them someday.

Examples of their refreshing tone,,,

“We create unforgettable experiences that connect & enrich people‚Äôs lives.”

“We help brands find their purpose.”

“It all starts with people.”


Overall, from this brand I have learnt that words impact how a customer/viewer responds and feels towards your brand. Razorfish is a company that I will remember, they’ve effectively caught my attention due to their tone and successful branding. They have really inspired me and given me ideas about where I can take my brand in the future.


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