IxD103 – Literature Review – Designing Brand Identity – Alina Wheeler

Literature Review –

Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler

Daniel recommended that if we were to read any book that would be able to help our knowledge in branding grow, this was the book we should choose! I really enjoyed reading this book and felt that I learnt so much from it. The book is divided into three sections: Brand fundamentals, process basics and case studies. Alina Wheeler explains what identity design is and how it functions in a simplified manner.

My favourite thing about this book was the multiple case studies. I read through a lot of them, in particularly the ones that I recognised. One of my favourites to read about was mastercard. Since 1996, Mastercard visual mark has been two interlocking circles. They are recognised at all scales, large, small, analog and digital, and ultimately even without words. This is proof off successful branding, which captured the essence of the brands fundamental roots. This has taught me that the most important thing to remember when trying to achieve a successful brand image, is to stay true to your intentions and remember the purpose of your company.

Wheeler states, “Branding is a disciplined process used to build awareness, attract new customers, and extend customer loyalty. Positioning a brand to be irreplaceable requires a daily desire to be the best. To be successful, brand builders need to stick to the basics, stay calm on the roller coaster of relentless change and seize every opportunity to be the brand of choice.” This book has really left me feeling inspired. I have picked up so many tips that I wish I had have known at the start of the branding project. When it comes to reviewing my own brand ( Which I know will not be long as it takes constant attention and development to get a brand where I want it to be), I will definitely be revisiting this book, using the step by step process that has been laid out in such an organised, easily deciphered way. This is a great read!


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