IxD104 – Travel App Inspiration and Development of Ideas

IxD104 – Travel App Inspiration and Development of Ideas

Initially I started jotting down ideas on a bubble map…

I want my it to be a convenience app for people travelling in areas they are unfamiliar with. This app will be able to locate near-by services they may be in need of, including toilets, fuel, tyre services, coffee or even a place to pull over and sleep. This app will be mainly aimed towards people who might have to commute to work. Inspiration for this app mostly came from my dad, who drives lorries all around the country. It’s particularly hard for him to find places to pull over or somewhere that has suitable facilities, therefore I think this app would come in very useful. This also means that I have a focus audience of mostly males. This makes it easier for me to have a style of design to focus on.

I want my app to be easy to understand and use, suitable to use for planning ahead and practical.

I started to research apps which have similar motives, but I also included screens which I liked the look off. Below I have included my Pinterest and Dribble boards. They are my two main initial sources for inspiration before I choose which designers to focus on.

Dribble Board – [https://dribbble.com/emcgurren/collections/4493048-Travel-App?utm_source=Clipboard_clipboard_collection&utm_campaign=emcgurren&utm_content=Travel%20App&utm_medium=Social_Share]

Pinterest Board – [https://pin.it/1qXpcFk]






Designing my Icons


Aaron Packard – Roadworks logo


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