IxD104 – Sleep Infographic

IxD104 – Sleep Infographic

For this task, I have been designing an infographic explaining how teenagers can get a better nights sleep.

I wanted it to be highly visual based, full of illustrations and a strong colour scheme. Below you can see the icons I have designed.



Below is also my first draft of my infographic… It is definitely unfinished and I have a lot of things to fix, however I think it’s important to step back from it for a day or two, come back review it again and see how I can progress it further. I am actually really proud of how it looks, there are just a few refinements I need to work on and maybe change the text distribution a bit.



To see what improvements I could make on my infographic, I decided to ask my sister and my friend their opinion. My sister is 16 and friend is 19, so the infographic is very relevant to both of them. They both were really interested, especially by the percentages and statistics. That is the strong point of my infographic. I think I have presented the data in a great way and it is well organised. Both of them told me that I done a good job at keeping the design relevant for my target audience.

I also got some feedback from Paul about my infographic. He really liked it and said that the layout was very strong. All I need to work on is the bottom section which I think I rushed a little. There are also a few bits of text which are a little difficult to read for the icon set. A bit of adjusting of text and maybe more data for the bottom section and it should be almost complete.

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