IxD104 – Pocket Profile – James Round

IxD104 – Pocket Profile – James Round

James Round is an independent graphic designer and illustrator. Before going freelance he worked across the creative industries, culminating in a role as senior designer at Human After All, one of the UK’s leading creative agencies. Round loves to create crafted printed products, compelling data visualizations and bold illustrations that engage and delight people. He has created work for clients including the BBC, WIRED magazine, the Oscar winning film Parasite, and BAFTA. He has also had his work recognised across the creative industries by the likes of D&AD, Behance, The Information is Beautiful Awards and The World Illustration Awards.

James Round describes data visualisation… “The world is dense with data, but how do you make sense of it all? Bring clarity to the complex with an attractive and accessible infographic or data visualization that will engage, educate and delight people.” He has created data driven work for clients like the BBC, WIRED and the Oscar winning film, Parasite.

What initially made Round’s work stand out to me was his quirky illustrative style. His designs are all very line based, well organised and he has a real talent for being able to combine text and images in order to make information easier for viewers to retain. I found his infographics very easy and enjoyable to look through.


Below I have linked a brilliant article written by James Round himself, which explains 9 of his tips and tricks to successfully design an infographic. All of Round’s work displays simplicity through smart design and planning. Round explains “Figure out what data supports the goals of the infographic and focus on that.” This is something I will remember when designing my own. It is only necessary to include data and information that is relevant to the title and target audience, or else you’ll loose their attention immediately. From his work, we can also see that it is very informative and supplies a lot of information about the effects of Climate Change on Storms in Florida, without overpowering you with vast paragraphs of text. The most important writing is also in bold.

His work is really inspiring and I definitely want to use his steps as a start to help me design my own.

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