IxD102 – Group presentation

Group Presentation – Design Systems for the Olympic Games

Aim of the Project…

In our group of four, myself, Sarah, Saskia and Laura had to choose a design movement to research and create a presentation on. As a group we decided on… Design systems for the Olympic Games. I am a big fan of the Olympic Games and always have admired the creative logos and themes etc. created for every game. I especially love how no two of the game designs have ever been the same. Therefore we agreed it would be an incredibly broad and fun subject to research.

We aimed to speak for just over two minutes each and wanted to include as much information as we could, therefore we broke in our own focus areas…

Saskia researched the Olympic Rings, the iconic logo which is recognised globally. Laura successfully explained the development of pictograms, explaining how they are a great way for people from all over the world to communicate and locate themselves during the games. I researched the design manuals, which I previously never knew existed. I found that the official Olympic website was great for finding reliable information. The design manual is created at the beginning of the design process which breaks down the theme (including the logo, colour scheme, motto etc…), which allows the design for further elements such as backdrops, costumes etc. to be created in a fitting manner. Sarah explained the amazing, memorable opening and closing ceremonies of each of the games. She also explained how they began to develop stories into each of them to make them more memorable and inspiring.

Our Presentation

Here is the link to our presentation, which we created on google slides together. It was a great way of communicating with each other and it meant that we could keep the slides looking consistent and to keep a theme.

{ https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13QaYmvqacdfjhXEK7NvHHc61eb2XeAd_RVrIeF8aPGg/edit#slide=id.p }

We decided to keep our slides very simple, very like what you see when you look at the Olympics official website.


Overall, I think that our presentation went very well and I really enjoyed working with the girls as we got to know each other a bit better as well!

Next time I have to create a presentation I will listen to Kyle and Pauline’s advice and try to include less wording on my slides, making it more visual. I would also try to memorise my lines, with just prompting lines on my cards. This would allow me to present more naturally. Other than this I think we done a very good job.

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