IxD102 – My Final Type Specimens

One of the first projects we enrolled on here at IxD was to create our own Type Specimen posters. Although I have never made anything like this before, I was so excited to try something new and push myself out of my comfort zone. When researching Type specimen posters, I found a lot of them to be quite similar and for me personally, I don’t feel that I’ve been creative enough If my work looks something similar to what I’ve seen on the internet. This is why I researched my chosen font Futura, in great depth.

See Blog post below…

I am really happy with how my three type specimens have turned out. I created all three us Adobe XD and had a lot of fun making them…
Two Postives, one negative…

Positive No.1

I am very happy with the colour combinations that I have created. I feel that this is one of my strongest assets.

Positive No.2

I am really proud of the originality of my posters, mostly the first two!


I do struggle with the placement of my text and find the tools quite difficult to use on any design software. I hope with time I will be able to improve and know where to place every element naturally.

My favourite poster is the first poster. I love my chosen colours and think that the placement of the writing is the best.
Here is a mockup example of it on an iPad…

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