#IXD104 – Art in Action

“A picture is worth a thousand words” It holds no doubt that humans are programmed to learn faster through visual means than type. Humans get more pleasure by looking at visual images of different colour, shapes and designs than to read paragraphs upon paragraphs of written word. This is specially import for me in UX/UI…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Art in Action

#IXD103 Week 4 – Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding

David Airey dives into detail about visual identity and the design process in his book ‘Identity Designed’. It is an interesting book with a variety of case studies that he devolves into and dissects. In this book he also looks at client interaction and the strategic direction of design. He starts off the book exploring…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 4 – Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding

#IXD103 Week 3 – Typography

The Importance of Typography Type is approximately 94% of visual communication and is the driving force for visual communication. Throughout human history type has been ever present in all areas of the world in many different cultures expressing unique and individual visual gestures and visual communication with it being altered through cultural and historical reference….Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 3 – Typography

#IXD104 Week 4

For this class Paul will go over illustration in UI design. I really enjoyed looking at all the different artistic styles that many other UI designers have created, it is inspiring to see the creativity, consistency and uniqueness of each one. Each one of these interfaces follows a different artistic style through illustrations and iconography….Continue Reading #IXD104 Week 4

#IXD104 Week 1

Our first class for our IXD104 module consisted of a brief introduction into what we will be doing this semester. Such as a illustrative project and a diagrammatic project. Pictures/Visuals can hold information like nothing else. Humans are 43% more absorbent to visuals than to the written word. In this semester I hope to learn…Continue Reading #IXD104 Week 1

#IXD103 Week 4 – Exploring Identity

What does it mean to be unique? The world of branding is a very competitive market thus standing out is key. To be successful is to be good at being different so I must incorporate my most unique values into my brand to create a unique visual identity which can be widely recognized. What can…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 4 – Exploring Identity

#IXD103 – Digitising Monograms

After the initial sketches of my monograms, I was still undecided of which logo I wanted. I then went into illustrator and developed my rough ideas there only this time expanding on minor areas to achieve a better and more defined understanding. Some problems I ran into with my monogram is the ‘J’ looking like…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Digitising Monograms