Year: 2021

IXD301 – Pinterest Portfolio Inspiration

  Before I started researching designers I need to have a firm vision of what I want my website to look like. A good way to do this is just by creating a collage of images on Pinterest. I find creating collages on Pinterest very beneficial to me as it allows me to discover, organize…Continue Reading IXD301 – Pinterest Portfolio Inspiration

IXD301 – Digitising Portfolio Wireframes

After initially sketching out my wireframes I have quickly moved to digitising them on Adobe Illustator to get a better and more in-depth understanding of the visual design as well as validate the concept of my portfolio website. I’ve decided to colour code all of the elements in my wireframe. The formula is shown below:…Continue Reading IXD301 – Digitising Portfolio Wireframes

IXD302 – Acing the Design Task for Employers – Article Review

In today’s class, Daniel shared a link to an article about completing a design task that employers will often conduct when commencing interviews. The design task is one of the most typical components of the interview process in recruitment for UX and UI designers, with the goal being to showcase our skills in the process…Continue Reading IXD302 – Acing the Design Task for Employers – Article Review

IXD301 – Portfolio Wireframe Sketches

When creating a portfolio website, you have absolute creative freedom over the design of the site. Before starting my site, I generally had an idea of what I wanted it to feel like – simple, bubbly and representational of my values (references to my old website made last year). Below I will show the gradual…Continue Reading IXD301 – Portfolio Wireframe Sketches

IXD301 – Portfolio Guidelines

Portfolio Brand Guidelines These set of guidelines are implemented as a set of rules and standards that tell me how I will communicate my brand and all of the elements on my website such as colour, typography, media, etc. It helps layout all the visual details with the addition of containing my original tone of…Continue Reading IXD301 – Portfolio Guidelines

IXD301 – Site Mapping & Content Audit

  Site Map Site maps provide a structure and a set of arrangements to the basis of my website ultimately allowing for a more navigatable site and an overall vision of my site’s goals and purposes. It displays all of the pages that consist inside of a domain/website and often uses a hierarchical structure. For…Continue Reading IXD301 – Site Mapping & Content Audit

IXD302 – CV & Cover Letter Delivery

Daniel talked about how our delivery method can enhance our chances of catching the employer’s eye. The problem is most employers go through so many CV’s when selecting a candidate it can be hard to actually pick from. CV’s/coverletters can be usually sent through post or more appropriately in today’s age; online. Using alternative delivery…Continue Reading IXD302 – CV & Cover Letter Delivery

IXD301 – Google Trends

To start the semester off, Kyle has given us a seemingly relatively simple task to complete which involves looking up keywords for our personal portfolio website in Google Trends. In order to get the most accurate statistics, I will be looking at the data from the start of Jan 2020 with the location set to…Continue Reading IXD301 – Google Trends

IXD301 Week 2 – User Job Story

For one of today’s class tasks, we got to create two user jobs stories. At first, I was slightly confused at what was being asked even after watching a video about it. When I got home, however, I decided to do a little extra research into what it is about. I quickly understood the sequences….Continue Reading IXD301 Week 2 – User Job Story

IXD301 Week 10 – The Art of the Pitch

Today’s class Kyle was preparing us both mentally, physically and intellectually for our upcoming presentation in a week’s time. This lecture will talk about how to structure, guide and present presentations with a few tricks and tips to stay in tune during it. This is a great experience for me as if I’m being honest…Continue Reading IXD301 Week 10 – The Art of the Pitch