IXD301 – Sketching Elemental Stories

I created sketches showing the gradual story of each character. For this, I want to show them all interacting with their corresponding elemental object, e.g, Helium Heather plays with her balloon. My purpose is to interact with kids through immersive storytelling and personifying characters to create a compelling learning experience.  I decided to create a ratio similar to an Ipad as this is what I’ll be designing on.

Below shows the stories so far:

Helium Heather

Heather’s Story – Heather was missing something in her life, suddenly, out of nowhere a magical balloon appeared. She was in love with it. She races towards it and takes it outside only for a strong gust of wind to carry it away. She stayed up day and night with no luck. Suddenly, another gust of wind comes out of nowhere and her prized possession comes back to her.

Purpose – Helium is the second lightest element on the periodic table. This story tries to educate kids on how helium works through immersive storytelling and character relation.

Mercury Marty

Marty’s Story – Mercury Marty was busy doing his daily activities until one day he left it too late. Suddenly the house got cold causing him to shrink. He finds a fireplace and lights it returning to normal.

Purpose – Mercury is a transition metal. This story highlights the properties of mercury e.g. liquefies at room temperature and expands when heated.

Polonium Paul

Paul’s Story – Paul was an ordinary scientist who worked in a nuclear power plant until one day while conducting a science experiment he mixed a deadly chemical that turned him into a monster.

Purpose – Polonium is one of the most radioactive and deadly chemicals on the periodic table. This story uses chemical reactions, radioactivity and explosions to educate kids on the Polonium element.


What’s next?

I will now begin to turn these sketches into illustrative pieces on illustrator.

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