#IXD104 – Infographics Hand-In

Infographic Self Reflection:

I really enjoyed the infographic section. I learned so much from this part through seeing the world through data. I also loved researching different unique data visualizers and how they create, accumulate and display data. It was extremely interesting to see this in practical terms. For my infographic I feel like I’ve underlined a general awareness of the seriousness of malaria which was one of my main goals through mainly data and both illustrations and typographic elements. I feel like I’ve used my colour scheme appropriately and represented phycological colours of death (black, white & red). I am extremely happy at how I have intertwined both data and illustrations together to give a better understanding through visual presentation such as the map of Africa representing 94 percent of total deaths or the pie chart cut earth that represents 40% of the world is at risk. Overall, I am extremely pleased at the outcome of my infographic and what I have learned in this module.


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