#IXD104 – Travel App Hand-in

Travel App Self Reflection:

Self reflecting on my app I feel very accomplished of what I have created. I feel like I’ve came a long way from my original ideas and designs of my travel app. I enjoyed researching all about interfaces, illustrations and icons that was presented this semester. I have learned new techniques such as my artistic style and gradient placement to make a scene more detailed and less static. This was heavily inspired by one of my primary researchers Harry Nesbitt which I gained a great deal of inspiration from in my illustrations. I am happy that I achieved consistency throughout my app such as the green colour representation in my icons, typography and overall interface. I feel like I picked a perfect colour scheme for this. I also remained consistent in not just colour but also my artistic style through both rounded icons and playful illustrations. I am overall extremely happy with the final outcome.



Travel App

Mock ups


Single Files

Exploration Screen


Tips Screen


Flight Screen

Flight Confirmation Screen


Profile Screen


Favourites Screen


My Trips Screen

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