#IXD103 – Monogram, Wordmark & Visual Identity Marque Hand In




Visual Identity Marque


Overall IXD104 Semester Reflection

I have greatly enjoyed this semester and all of it’s content. I feel like I’ve learned a great deal of knowledge on brands consist of, the formula of digital brands and their online presence and what defines an unsuccessful brand to a successful brand. I really enjoyed researching all aspects of branding and one topic I absolutely loved in particular was the emotional impact of brands and how brands create respect and an emotional connection with their costumers. I found this topic both interesting and vital to a brand as if there is both no love or respect the brand is destined to fail.  I also really enjoyed learning about all identifiers that conclude a brand such as my deliverables above, guidelines and my website. I am pleased with the overall outcome of my brand and feel like I have followed the guidelines to create a successful brand of my own through consistency such as typographic elements, colour representation and psychology and alternative elements such as my animated giff. I also feel like I’ve achieved representation of my personality through my brand with the elements I have named before hand such as purple representing creativity – one of my strongest aspects about me. I am happy that I stuck to my original brand values as I feel like this this is a representation of me and who I am and I’m extremely happy with the outcome of my brand.



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