#IXD104 Week 12 – Infographic Critique Session

In our last class at week 12 we had one final critique of our infographics. This gave me the chance for other students to take a look at my infographics so far and allow me to see where I am succeeding and where I need adjusting from both students and Paul.

The class also got the chance to review and explore other peoples infographics with both constructive and positive feedback on everyone’s designs.

I was pleased so see all positive feedback on my infographics from both the class and Paul. However, Paul gave me feedback on what needs adjusting which allows me to refine my work.

Areas of adjustment

  • Perhaps play with the red more – Make ‘MALARIA’ red and add more colour to the white backdrop.
  • Make the ‘MALARIA’  and ‘What is it’ centre to the page.
  • Make top heading bigger
  • Play around with the infographics on the ‘first page’ see what fits the best – two columns or one?
  • On the map of Africa, make ‘dies’ stand out more – perhaps make it white or larger.
  • Semi-circle infographics and text underneath are hard to see – make them bigger.
  • Make the page longer


I found this class very beneficial and crucial to my progressing infographic design highlighting both of the positives and negatives of my design. I will now proceed to make changes and adjustments according to what I think is right from the feedback from both the class and Paul.


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