#IXD103 Week 11 – Group Critique

This is my second group critique with Daniel and the class in which I was very happy to see the mainly positive feedback on my brand. It was a good chance to see how everybody else is progressing and the different pathways everyone is going to make their brand unique.

What I feel like I’ve accomplished

  • Created a simplistic, modern and attentive visual Identity
  • Remained consistent throughout my brand – Stuck to my brand values
  • Effective colour palette
  • Physiologically use of colours to represent my brand and create emotional response (purple & white)
  • Created a modern and simple wordmark
  • Represented my personality through animation
  • Created a monogram that represents traits/values

Areas of Improvement

Business card 

  • Simplify even more – No divider on the contact side
  • Make a hierarchy of importance in contact details


  • Have projects first before the about me section
  • Adjust the structure so everything is aligned
  • Make it less look like a mobile site
  • Make navigation bar lighter colour
  • Two columns instead of one



Business card / Final Design

  • Removed divider on contact page
  • Create a hierarchy of physical and digital contact


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