#IXD103 Week 10 – Touchpoint

Daniel set us a task to create a touchpoint for our brand that creates an emotional connection between brand and consumer so I decided to create an animation for my website as this will make my brand feel more engaging and interactive. I want to incorporate this into my website for a interactive logo/loading icon.

The first approach I made was a mind map. I needed to scout what I will include, emotional response and the execution and I also need to make my animation style consistent with my brand values.


Animation Sketches





I made a slight change to my animation to make it a little more flexible and interactive than a more point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ animation¬† although still remained the same structure as the previous animation. I feel like this revision reflects my personality a little bit more than the first one.

Revision #2

I am happy with the final animation as I feel like this represents my personality respectively.

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