#IXD103 – Website Wireframe Sketches & Mock Up

To create my website I decided to create a variety of basic wireframe sketches. This approach was recommended by Daniel and I have found it very helpful which allows me to explore different ways I can design my website.


I ultimately went for this design as I feel like it will contain all relevant information while being simple and structured.

  • Clean, structured layout
  • Purple/grey/white colour palette
  • Video/Gif introduction of monogram
  • Navigation bar below video/gif — scrolling down locks it to the top of screen
  • Abstract image and small about me section
  • Two columns
  • Footer contains social medias & outro

Mock-Up/Advanced Wireframe

Once I made my wireframes I decided to create a mock up of what my website will look like before I start coding.

Although, I made a few alterations from my selected wireframe sketch such as placing the interactive element (giff animation) below the navigational bar as it is more practical and visually appealing. I am really happy with the outcome of my mockup. I will now begin to code my website.

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