#IXD103 Week 9 – Portfolio Sites

Content Planning – How can I prepare for my website?

  • Consider formatting & Placement of elements –  Media, placement,  structure, sizing, etc.
  • What projects can I include/showcase? – Pizza brand, Travel app, Infographic, typeface specimen, personal projects, etc.
  • What order can I display these? – Favourite to least favourite
  • What text will I include – About me/Bio, brief project information, footer section, etc.
  • Additional information – Links, contacts, etc
  • Will my site be text led or image led? – Hero, gifs, etc
  • One page or multi paged? 

Looking at other websites for Inspiration

I’ve picked 5 of my most favourite website that Daniel has shared with us to gain inspiration from and both personal research of my own.


In my opinion this website is designed immaculately. This is personalised website by Rachel Schmitz which gained my attention right away.

What I like about this website:

  • Crisp clean interface and typography
  • Projects are all aligned and colour coded
  • Products are viewable from the start
  • Unobtrusive home screen – small NAV, large use of white space
  • Shows only the most important information in a very simplified manner



What I like about this website:

  • Very abstract and playful
  • Pop down menus on nav bar
  • Short description of him before jumping into his work
  • Interactive elements, hoovering over projects, eye follows cursor, etc.
  • Animative logo
  • Casual linguistic register
  • Footer blends into background



What I like about this website:

  • No Navigation or footer – prescribes all of the vital information at top of page.
  • Simple monogram, wordmark and contacts all beside each other.
  • Straight into portfolio – no scrolling and no unnecessary information.
  • Two columns – one for information and the other for projects
  • Black background highlights both text and projects.



What I like about this website:

  • Starts off with an eye catching animation
  • Begins with name and title
  • Unique scroll bar
  • Interactive, animative and engaging –  hoovering over projects causes sweeping effect, scrolling causes animations, etc.
  • Headings are semi merged with projects ultimately resulting in one column
  • His ‘about’ is locked onto the left hand side – unique positioning.



What I like about this website:

  • Begins with a short about me page condensing all of the pages information to one information box.
  • One long column with different colours
  • Simplistic layout
  • Interactive hoovering animations over projects
  • Little scrolling or effort to see projects.



  • Bio & Brand Dictionary
  • Monogram
  • Wordmark
  • Visual Marque
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Design
  • Website Build
  • Research Blogs

What have I learned

This session has been both a good reminder of what work I can do and plan whilst coming into the final weeks. Through some of the techniques that I have learned today I will now start to plan and develop my website starting with basic wireframes.

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