#IXD103 Week 8 – Interface Inventory

For this task Daniel asked us to go onto a website and do an ‘interface inventory’ which means screenshotting as much as UI elements as possible and categorizing them in a word document.

The purpose of this task is to outline and highlight consistency in other websites through categorizing and labelling UI elements which then gives me more experience when creating my own website. It also allows me to account for all elements allowing me to show how elements are implemented and factored for.

What do I need to include?

Some of the possible categories and labels:

  • Navigation – Primary, footer, interactive component controls, etc.
  • Images – hero banners, logos, illustrations, photographs, thumbnails, backgrounds, animations,
  • Icons – static, interactive, social medias, etc
  • Buttons
  • Headings
  • Advertising
  • Colours

I chose Uber’s website as I thought it will be suitable because I previously researched their brand guidelines.


What did I learn?

This task helped me review, dissect and outline all of the important aspects that go into a website design and interaction. It has made me more aware of what content to include into my website and how I can implement and present some of these features on my website.


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