#IXD104 – Generative Design Book Review

Generative Design is a book about the methodology in creating unique AI models, animations and art through the power of the computer by engineering and programming artificial intelligence. This was a book recommended by Paul so I decided to give it a read.

As a person who is new to coding such as CSS & HTML (and a tiny bit on JS) I wanted to learn more about this area and view all the artistic elements that can be created through the power of code.

This book through its stunning manipulated abstract visuals has blown my mind on the power of creating generative designs. Through patterns, colours, shapes, lighting and even typograph this book displays stunning visuals around. I really enjoyed gazing over the projects that they have created and has gave me inspiration to create my own.

This book has also introduced me to a new coding language; processing. This tool allows designers to replicate these designs and allows me to create my own visual experiments through simple programming codes. It takes me through step by step how to replicate the designs that they present which overall I found interesting and helpful. Although, I find it tricky to get a hold of as I need more practice in this area but I can see the artistic potential in using this language and programme for future projects. I will look into field more over summer.

This book provides a good template to learn from and gain inspiration from. I look forward to looking into this over summer to see what I can create.

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