#IXD103 – Description Task

Indirectly Describing Inanimate Objects

I come in many forms and varieties, I am the work of ingenuity. I see life through a lens in many different colours and angles. I’ve been everywhere and I am anywhere, even to the moon! I could even be looking at you right now!

(A) I am a camera.

Indirectly Recommending a Product (Twitter)

Grab a snack and be entranced in the love of two individuals bargaining against all odds of war. A truly harrowing yet beautiful tale of a man being swept off his feet by love, although that wont be the only time his feet will be off the ground.

Romantic, beautiful, harrowing, horrific

(A) Pearl Harbour

Then I had to create a basic sketch of what the movie entailed and what made it recognizable. Thinking of the main two main categories it fits into; love and war. For love I drew a heart and war I drew a boat, plane, bomb and a gun. I found the plane is the most recognizable aspect of pearl harbour so I just needed to combine each created a crashed plan perpetuating a heart shape.


I found this task interesting as it made me mentally map symbols recognized with a particular topic. I can use this in branding to evoke memories, identity and meaning to my brand.





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