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Rare Volume 

Rare Volume is a New York City based company that works with design and technology. They collaborate with brands, agencies and institutions to create environments, events and digital performances. What interested me when I first opened their webpage was the colour scheme and layout of the website.

The opening page is contrasting and mysterious, the use of black and white text makes the page appear larger and enables the images of their past or current work stand out from the darkness.

They claim that ‘Our process is design-led and incorporates user experience thinking, broadcast-style motion graphics, data visualisation, custom software development, and inventive applications of technology.’ From looking closely at their website I have discovered that this company focuses on a range of work and jobs, it seems that they mostly work with spaces and the environment in which art is sold such as galleries, like ‘The Shed’. The Shed is an art gallery type of building that commissions, produces and presents the full spectrum of performing arts in disciplines ranging from dance to music to visual art and beyond. Rare Volume installed 15 dynamic content templates, all automatically deployed according to each days unique schedule. 




I haven’t come across a company that does this and I found it a very interesting job venture. I think it would be a very busy and visually pleasing job that when the job is done and these digital experiences are up and running in am environment, to watch them display work or information would be very satisfying for the employer. I didn’t know that a job like this existed and now I am glad I do.

Custom signage software combines realtime and neartime graphics, and is fully integrated with the Shed’s website content management system. Intelligent scheduling and rendering algorithms allow the network of displays to deliver location and schedule-aware content throughout the building, automatically.

Not only is there technology  expressive but Rare Volumes designers and art directors have created some really nice graphic work, these caught my eye,

Rare volume also have many animations and videos on their website portraying their work but I couldn’t include them in this blog sadly but they make the brand look very sophisticated and the editing is very sleek and cutting edge. The use of colour is subtle and quite modern with a fond use of white and black. Overall this company is the epitome of cutting edge software and design, they really are designing for the future. The fact that they design for spaces and environments interests me even more because they don’t just make art or try to sell work, they create an environment for other artists to display their work in the newest and most current way, which to me is inspiring.

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