100 Iterations – 9 chosen images

My group chose point, and within this we decided to look at a range of circular objects for example, coins, clocks, oranges and even books on the moon.

These are some of the images I considered and found interesting.


Even though I found these points intriguing, these are not the images I wanted to take forward and experiment with. I wanted to focus on one area – coins. I chose coins because they are an everyday object that everyone needs and uses. I find them to be very intricate and the markings to be quite beautiful. Some images I found on Pinterest and Tumblr were rather fascinating and I liked how the background made each coin look different. I like how the placement of a coin can be erratic and can change the look of an image or can tumble a tower of coins. I find it interesting that in these images the where I placed the coin mattered and changes the overall outcome of the image itself. These are some images I liked and I recreated them myself.



I recreated some of these with the coins I use everyday. I also added in records and c.d’s to add a different element and texture of ‘points’. I found these coins form different places around the world interesting and I loved how they can be made into something else, for example the Mona Lisa. Furthermore, showing that even the most peculiar of ‘points’ can be transformed into something beautiful.

This was my first attempt but I wasn’t very happy with it so I decided to try a different approach. I enjoy drawing and illustration so I thought I would incorporate it in this exercise. I started with sketches in my sketchbook on the composition of my images. I still wanted to go with circular objects, but I wanted to do more than coins, so my narrative revolved around composition.

I wanted to use coins, cd’s and records. I chose these three because I wanted the ‘points’ to be progressively getting bigger and then somehow coming together as one.

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