IXD101 – Letters

We were asked to chose a letter we found interesting and change/ alter it in some way, for example cut parts out or sharpen the edges to create a whole new look to the letter. I chose a lower case ‘g’ because I thought I could achieve something unique with the lower tail of the g. This is what I came up with,

I liked the look futuristic feel to this g and I like the straight cut I done at the top, I think the sharp edges make this ‘g’ more fierce. Here are some other ones I made.

I didn’t like this letter as much as the ‘g’ because I feel like the space is too wide and I could have made the edges more sharp and striking. I didn’t like the ‘o’ I made as much as the ‘g’ either because I feel like I added too many circles. So what I have learned from this exercise is that less is more.


Type size and scale

We then looked at sizing in typefaces and what should be the largest on the page or screen to what should be the smallest. I learned that this all depends on the information and what is most important, what the public need and or want to see first.

We were given a list of information and we were asked to sort this data onto a screen in the sizing we seen fit. I chose to go for a poster design layout because I feel like this suited the information given.


What worked – I think I chose the correct font and size for the title ‘Mind over muscle’ because it does stand out.

What didn’t work – I think I could have chosen a more striking font for the dates because I think it looks quite boring. I          also think that the text in the middle doesn’t blend well with the rest of the poster because it is too small.

Overall I enjoyed completing these typography tasks because it opened my eyes to the importance of the type, the size and positioning.

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