Week 12 critique

We had to present our work to the class in week 12 for a group critique. I got some great points from Kyle and my classmates on how to develop and advance my current project.



Tips from Kyle:

  • Add some info above the periodic table- a title or brand name?
  • Get prototype working properly
  • Swap the image placement to other side
  • ensure everything is aligned


Sketching an example –



What did I learn?

I have some minor things to fix but Kyle said he liked my brand and the over all asetheitc of my app. I found it helpful hearing the comments from and also reading what my classmates thought of my work on the Miro board. I also enjoyed seeing everyones work and seeing how they got on with the project so far.



What is next?

I will brainstorm ways to adapt my project and ways on how I can improve this idea and my overall project. I want to push this more…

IXD301- Week 12 critique
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