Experimenting with font pairing


For my elements project I am going for a student based application that is based around chemistry and the planets. Therefore I needed a good font pairing that was sophisticated and age appropriate. I had already chosen my brand font which is Trench which is rather futuristic so I needed to find the perfect font to match with it for the body copy for the rest of my apps content. I have included this font exploration below.










My final choice-




Typeface one – Trench. I will use this for headings and titles, this will not be used for body copy.

Typeface two- D-DIN. This will be used for body copy.


Why this pair?

I think that out of all the option D-DIN was the perfect mix of modern and simple vibes that I want my app to give and I think its thickness and boldness really compliments my brands lighter typeface. The pairing is confident and I think it will look great in my elements project.




What did I learn from this?


Experimenting with these fonts was beneficial and once I start one of these experimenting exercises I find it hard to stop pairing up fonts. With this project I really wanted to develop my font skills and increase my knowledge within typography, this isn’t an easy topic and getting good at typography is a hard thing to do and it takes time and a lot of practice and research. Types give off a specific personality and I wanted mine to give off the right type of vibe for under grad students and I do think that my final pairing did just that. I think the pairings again a lot of them worked and I enjoyed searching space like fonts and finding their perfect match! I truly believe that my skills in type have improved and I do feel more confident in this area now. I am excited to place my final pairing in my design work in Figma. I will include how it looks in my blogposts.

IXD301- Experimenting with font pairing
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