User Research for pitch

I decided to make 3 user persona’s so I could include them into my pitch and the research for my idea, I felt like this would be a great way to gain more insight and research to backup my idea.

My User Persona’s-





I enjoy user persona’s and the more I make of them the better I am at doing them. I think I chose 3 good ages and 3 different types of people to show the need for my pitch idea; I ended up writing about a photographer, a travel blogger and a student. Taking the information from above and the result of these user persona’s I think that each person would make great use out of my pitch idea about cars and I think the information included above shows the need for it. This was a fun user research exercise and I think that it fulfilled it purpose. I want to develop my layout for these persona’s I feel as a designer I could have built them better…

IXD302- Pitch: User Personas
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