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Now I know what direction that I want to go in for my project I have decided to create a mood board. I wanted to get further inspiration and images are some of the best way to do that and who doesn’t love a good MOOD BOARD!








This was a fun exercise and who doesn’t love a mood board, making mood boards always gets my excited for beginning the Digital side of a projects. From creating these boards above I have a lot of cool ideas for the ui for my student website. I wanted to create a board with images that I enjoy the vibes, I¬†created this mood board using images that I found inspiring and that I really liked and images that would make sense in my website.



What is next?


Shortly after I made this mood board I have come across a really fun way to make mood boards on another website for projects and what is especially nice about it is that its free which is always a plus for student. This website allows you to create beautiful mood boards and I am obsessed with making mood boards and this new method will look very cool and therefore make a better mood board and a better project! I will make a post about this and show you how it turns out…

IXD301- Elements project Mood board
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