Reflection of IXD104


I took to my sketchbook to reflection on the IXD104 module that I have completed in semester 2, I have reflected on what I have enjoyed in each project and what things I want to work on and improve upon.














Overall I have really enjoyed this module I have learned a lot about illustration especially in this module this semester and I got to practice and develop those skills immensely and I am very proud of my improvements, illustration is an area that I am passionate about and I am eager to learn more and to continue to develop in this area. Both projects in this module were stimulating and interesting to research about which I enjoyed. I can see myself working more in apps as well as infographics and data visualisation in the future as I really enjoyed creating both and the work that was involved in each project. There are lots of topics and areas that I want to improve moving forward that I have discussed above; I will complete more and more case studies over the summer so I can hopefully improve upon everything that I have mentioned above. I have developed a lot as an artist and designer thanks to this module and I am excited to see what the future holds!

Reflection of IXD104- Imaging and Data Visualisation
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