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Brand Guidlines pdf link-Caoimhe Greene’s Brand Book


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My wishes for my brand were to create a professional but creative personal brand that reflected my personality and my work ethic. This was a challenging project to start, as I learned early on that you really have to know yourself in order to brand yourself. For my brand values I decided on loyalty, passion, creativity and inclusivity and I wanted my personal brand to radiate these qualities and values; I also wanted my brand to represent my belief that when it comes to design the possibilities are endless. That resulted in my decision to choose my monogram shape and my visual marque which is inspired by the infinity loop. To compliment these shapes I decided to go with a modern sans serif font for my wordmark, I also decided to change the G in my surname to match the G in my monogram, I did this to add to the consistency and image of my brand.


For my colour scheme I was aiming for a friendly colour scheme that embodied my creativity and also my professionalism so I decided to opt for an orange shade that symbolises my fun and creative side and a purple shade that symbolises loyalty and professionalism. It has been very satisfying seeing all of my elements that I have designed come together and see them in use in my portfolio site that I have created. I was aiming for a clean, crisp and modern website that could present my work in a professional manner where I have room to grow and expand in the near future. I think that I did achieve what I wanted to with my brand and I am very proud of how far I have come with my personal brand and I feel that I have created a consistent and professional image.





IXD103- Final Submission
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