The Tree Infographic


After making all of the final adjustments this is my final infographic, I have included an image and the pdf link below.







PDF link- Final Tree Infographic




Reflection on this project

I really enjoyed this project from start to finish, I think that I did good research and chose the most important and appropriate facts and statistics for this infographic. It feels and balanced, from the colour palette to the type choice and the illustrations. I enjoyed taking the critiques and seeing how this project evolved from the start to now  and I feel like those minor adjustments really helped to finish off the piece and I got to achieve my desired goal.

The main thing that I wanted to portray with this infographic was how important trees are and how much they matter to this planet and I feel like I executed this well. I think that the figures that I chose to include are shocking and bold enough to grab the readers attention, I think my information is easy to read and understand and I think that it is enjoyable to read; which is a really important part in the design of an infographic, I want people to want to stop and read this information and retain it.

Regarding the data visuals this is definitely a subject that I would like to research further into maybe over the summer, and work on my data designing skills as I really enjoyed created the bar charts and pie charts. The research I did for this project interests me from the beginning as there are always so many new and exciting ways to present data that are being discovered everyday; I think that this field in particular is a very exciting one and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to research further into it! I really enjoyed this infographic journey and overall I am very happy with my final result.



IXD104 – Final infographic
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