With my one-to-one with Paul I showed him my first draft of my infographic and he suggested I make some tweaks, I have made the adjustments he suggested and now have an updated infographic.

The changes I made:

  • increased the size of the numbers
  • bolder numbers
  • added headings
  • stretched the top title across the entire page
  • revisited some font colours


Updated infographic




pdf – Tree Infogrpahic



I am very happy with my updated infographic after having made the changes and I think that the simple changes have made a huge difference to my infographic, especially the decision to change some font colours, it has made it easier to read. I have really enjoyed this task and I have learned a lot and I have definitely improved as a designer and artist.



What is next?

I will present this project to my class in Week 12’s group critique, I am looking forward to hearing their opinions and thoughts and also to see their work and how they have approached this project. I will listen to Pauls and the groups feedback and make the necessary adjustments to my project and then complete my final infographic.


IXD104- Updated Infographic
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