The Tree Infographic- First draft




Link- Tree Infographic



First critique- One to One with Paul

I had a one to one with Paul today and I presented the first draft of my infographic, we discussed my design and concept and he suggested certain areas that I need to revisit and adjust slightly.

Things I need to look at and revisit:

  • increase the size of the numbers
  • bolder numbers
  • add headings for each section
  • stretch the top title across the entire page
  • revisit some font colours- this will make some information easier to read



What did I learn from this?

I am very happy with how my final infographic turned out and I was able to include all of the element that I had illustrated and I was very happy with how my data visuals look. I gained a good view of everything I need to adjust and change and I will make these changes and slight adjustments before I present my new and improved final infographic to my peers in Week 12’s group critique.


IXD104- The Tree Infographic (First draft)
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