Week 11- Group Critique


Todays lesson was a group critique were we were all separated into different groups and we had to present our work on Miro boards and I have included screenshots of what this looked like below. I have included most of the elements of my personal brand within this board and I would have liked to squeeze even more of my work in but we had limited space. The work I presented included my wordmark, monogram, brand merchandise, 5th element exploration, my brand book, portfolio link and business card. I have also been working on an animation but I didn’t have room to include this element.





The below image shows how I presented my work on the Miro board and to the side of the page there are notes and comments from my peers within that group which I always find very helpful and beneficial! I left my comments and thoughts on my peers brand work and I think that this helps me to look at this project from a different angel, and allows me to see how others have approached this project and I find this beneficial as I gain more inspiration from them and can learn more.



I had to talk about me own work and explain my thinking and Daniel gave me some feedback and advice on some aspects I need to tidy up and alter slightly to bring everything together.

Things to work on/ revisit-

  • Revisit the back of my business card, the dark type is difficult to read, or else increase the size but try to find that middle ground.
  • Continue to finish up my portfolio site.
  • Find a suitable use for my pattern element, e.g. a t-shirt.
  • Revisit brand book layout, the simpler the better!
  • Look at portfolio headers, maybe too bold I should alter font variation to regular.
  • Consider using my pattern element as a container in my portfolio, could add some more personality and a fun aspects instead of using a regular text box, e.g. for contact icons, a contact form container or a shot about me summary container on my first page.



Reflection of this week

I always find group critiques so helpful and a very useful tool within the design process. My peers left notes on my work which is always very encouraging and I enjoy leaving my thoughts on their work too, I also find it very beneficial to get a look at my peers work and how they have approached their personal brand projects and to see their thinking and process, I think that this makes me a better designer and creator. I will take all of the advice and feedback and make the necessary adjustments to my brand and I am very excited to complete my personal brand project and collate all of my elements together.



IXD103- Week 11 Group Critique
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