IXD102- A Century of Change reflection

In week 3’s IXD102 lecture Kyle talked about how the new century saw new technology that would change the world forever. He began the lecture explaining the history of the invention of photography and motion picture. We discussed how the Lumiere brothers created the first films and movies.



Japonism is the movement of Japanese art and design that swept across Europe and western art, it began in 1850s when Japan began trade with Europe . The Japenese aesthetic and design quickly became fashionable, the style included subject matter and the perspective was flattened. The Japanese images had lots of colour which gave the images a stylised atmosphere, this movement inspired many of artists and their art.


Another artist within this century that was highly influential, even in todays society is Henry do Toulouse Lautrec, he was French artist in the 19th Century. He was famous for a lot of things such as his posters he designed and Henry do Toulouse Lautrec had many other gifts including painting, printmaking, drawing, draughting and illustration.

‘La Troupe De Mlle Églantine’, 1896. Poster. Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri, de (1864-1901).


Fathers of graphic design

Peter Berhens was a German architect and alongside that he created things and products in the 1900’s. Berhens was also a talented graphic designer who used a range of styles within all disciplines of his work. He was also involved and interested in German typography, within this field of typography he mixed the German blackletter type with illustrative work. Alongside all of these talents he designed a book about the type sans serif. 





What I have learned

  • There isn’t just one thing to be influenced by, there are lots of areas and mediums to take inspiration from.
  • Art has came a long way and nearly all of the artists we talked about in this lecture all have more than one discipline and they use their other talents as inspiration.
  • I too should be influenced by not just google and the internet but by the environment I am in and my surroundings such as nature or books. I should look around for different sources for inspiration.


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