IXD101- 100 Iterations research and development

Out of the 100 images from our group project I some images and recreated them, before I chose my final 9 for my project I wanted to do a quick photography exercise to get my ideas flowing. I have to create a narrative between the images, so I began with taking some photos of the pencils in different positions. I took the images in different angles and I tried to do a range of distances from the camera and the subject, zooming in on certain aspects to exaggerate the line. I started out with one pencil and ended up with 9 pencils, each photo I captured presents the subject ‘Line’ in a different way.



This gave me a good basis for my project and I want to use these images as inspiration for my final 9 line image project. This mini ‘pencil photoshoot’ got my creative juices flowing and gave me some new ideas, it got me to think about line in everyday things. I am thinking about how I can use pencils to create a story? I think that taking the images and creating an animation/ illustrating the pencils will really bring the story to life and I want to work on my digital illustration skills, so I think that this idea will hopefully create a nice and interesting story.

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