IXD103 – Templo’s identity for the Climate Change Committee

The rebrand of this organisation includes an eccentric colour scheme, and a tranquil yet bold approach to data visualisation in order to avoid the cliched, overused environmental logo trap.

The Climate Change Committee is the UK’s adviser on tackling climate change. It consults the government on emissions, targets and reports on the progress made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, helping the country to prepare and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Despite its importance, its old visual identity was “generic, outdated, obscure and fragmented.”

It was a “radical departure from the old identity which was like every other climate change organisation”. The CCC’s research and data are world-class. Templo was drawn to the disconnect between the quality of their output and their outdated visual language. They were “frustrated that everything they did as designers around climate change seemed to exist solely on T-Shirts, Instagram and zines”.


Templo aimed to create a brand identity that stood out in its field.  One of the key ways it did this was through colour palette.  The unconventional combination of yellow & purple used with certain textures is gradients in block tones. The climate change sector almost always uses earthly greens and blue tones, or else warm tones of red or orange eluding to the sinister future temperature changes. The logo uses colour palette to depict temperature change (inspired by global warming heat temperature maps).   It applies the changing temperature into the logo as a gradient across three hemispheres that denote the initials of the organisation (“CCC”).  They wanted to use colour to convey the CCC’s role in helping us transition from a warmer, overheated planet to one that is in the end much cooler.






The logo is animated to emulate a sunrise, which adds to the identity’s calm feel.  This was in order to combat the very opposing opinions that people hold about climate change.  Palavathan (Templos creative director) explains that there is an “intentional fact-based neutrality to the identity” due to the climate sector being so polarised by misinformation.

Palavathanan explains there is an “intentional fact-based neutrality to the identity,” due to the climate change sector being so polarised and proliferated by misinformation.  At the extremes, there are perceived leftist tree huggers or right-wing MAGA hat-wearing climate change deniers,” he says. “The CCC presents hard-science data and so we wanted the identity to be based on facts and ultimately the truth.” For example, the three hemispheres are revealed by the orbiting of our planet around the sun, mimicking natural physics.


The identity of CCC also includes playful, fun imagery of renewable energy alternatives used to slow global warming .  The identity’s typography also “reinforces this sense of honesty and openness, avoiding being too alarmist and dystopian,” the designer adds.





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