week 7 IXD102 – PROJECT 2 – Creating a powerpoint presentation on design history

Deciding on the structure and design of our presentation:

First of all we decided on the topics we would talk about during our presentation.  We felt that 8 different art movements would be a good number given our time limit of 10 minutes, and as we had 4 people in our group we allocated 2 movements to each person.

As we allocated which person would research which topic we realised that we needed to organise our movements in a way in which one person wasn’t talking for 2 consecutive movements.  We decided that arranging them in chronological order would make sense as we could introduce which movement influenced the ones coming after it as we went along.  We created a timeline to help us and also the viewer with this:


We created an introductory slide to be presented along with the introduction itself as it was being read out:

We included simple images to help indicate what modern art was, where the modernist art movements took place, and what their purpose was.  We tried our best not to include too many images per slide, allowing the viewer to concentrate on the material we were talking about rather than bombarding them with too many visuals.  We decided that keeping a white background with mainly black, sans serif text would help with this too.  We felt that including a quote at the start to indicate the purpose and impact of modernism would help to engage the audience too.


We chose an effective, but understated background behind the white main background to further portray the colours and forms used in each art movement.  The purpose of our first movement slide was to communicate the main information about the movements, and the purpose of the second movement slide was to show the visuals that we were talking about.  We decided on a maximum of 2-3 bullet points per first movement slide and only images to be included in the second movement slide.  There was to be a maximum of 1-2 images per first movement slide and then a maximum of 2-3 in the second slide:

The visuals of our conclusion consisted of a simple text box as well as four images showing how modern art movements had made a lasting mark on todays society:


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