week 3 IXD101 – The Fibonacci sequence & golden ratio

In week 3 of IXD101 we were taught how the Fibonacci sequence of numbers can be incorporated into app layouts when deciding on measurements.

We were asked to create another point, line, and plane grid but this week we were to make use of the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence when deciding on measurements in the grid:

We were also taught about a website called Type-Scale.com which allows for someone to preview and choose the right type scale for a project and experiment with font size.  In our case we used it to scale text to the Fibonacci sequence size measurements.  We returned to our manifesto during this too; Paul taught us that we could use the website too see what layout and sizing looks best for our it.  We used Figma to rewrite our manifesto’s but only use the text and no additional shapes or backgrounds:

The third task from this session that we were asked to complete was to create thumbnails of our three most used apps.  I tried my best to use this new found knowledge of the Fibonacci sequence when making these in figma:



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