IXD AAD012 – 7. Interface Inventory & Paper Prototypes

A interface inventory is something I had never heard of prior to this workshop but I have learned this is it a very useful technique for designers when mapping out buttons, logos, icons, text, menus and images. This will be particularly useful for me as I am designing an app as an addition to an already prexsisting service and I will need to try and replicate the layout as accurately as possible so my design stays in theme.





Paper Prototype

I created a prototype of my app using black card as a phone with the middle cut out and a long piece of paper, split into 5 ‘screen’s. The black card could be moved along this paper to show the different screens on the app. It was a fun thing to create as it was a tangible object as a-posed to it being digital as well as looking like a little phone. I really enjoyed this part of the project.


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